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Staff Augmentation

Need help to get a big project done on time? Bixly can add developers to your team on a contract basis so you can deliver that huge project. With Staff Augmentation you can add and remove whatever skillsets that include software developer, sysadmin, graphic design and product owner.

Scale your team

Product Development

Have a specific project and due date in mind? Bixly can get your idea to the marketplace FAST, taking care of creating a spec, helping with product/market fit, design of app, code writing and server deployment and app launching. Let us be the geeks so you can focus on that special thing which sets you apart.

Build your app

Since 2009, Bixly has provided true staff augmentation from the heart of California. We offer a variety of development packages to suit your project's needs, including free project management! Add quality development firepower without the usual hand holding and training. We are ready from day one through project completion. Keep exploring to learn more about us.

Trusted by world class companies


"We're really happy with Bixly. The developer that we work with has been great. He's fast, delivers with quality and gels well with our team. Also, Bixly charges very reasonable rates. I highly recommend them."


"[Bixly's developer] has become a key player as both a developer and in a support role. I always feel like I can toss him in the deep end and he can analyze the existing code and figure out what needs to be done. He is also one of the best debuggers I've ever worked with. I would definitely recommend Bixly."


"The meetings stay on point, questions are quickly communicated, and tasks are always completed in a timely manner. I'm not an expert in Django, but I've been very satisfied thus far."

Good at the Internet

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bixly, and we will certainly be contacting them on our future projects."

Core Technologies

Our main focus is Python, Django, Node, behind React and Angular.

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