This company was founded by Adam, who now acts has Chairman. It very much reflects his personality. Through Bixly, he remains committed to making the world a better, geekier, place. You can read more about our startup story below.

If you stepped on to our office in Fresno you would notice that we cherish respect and transparency. Nick, the CEO, gets to call the shots, but everyone else gets to improve the company alongside him. We are open to talking about most anything. The Administrative staff has been around for years, and we have worked hard to develop a team with well-defined roles. Other little tidbits that help to build the Bixly culture: the team contributes to the growth of one another's technical skills; we play lots of video games at lunch; and, we really enjoy hosting after-work hangouts in our warehouse.

Featured Members



Cris brings a sharp customer focus and business savvy to Bixly. He is passionate about how technology can help businesses achieve their goals.



Andrew brings a decade of experience in software & management experience.


VP of Sales

Daniel leads the way at making deals that are a win-win for Bixly and clients.

Administrative Team

Bixly has about 20 full-time team members at any given time– most here in California and a few across the United States. Each one is loved, has their own strengths, and is very dear to us. We match our team to your needs not the other way around.

Meet the Team


Finance & Marketing

Advising on company fincances, marketing, and recruiting, she loves to organize everything! She will also tell you about the latest book she's reading.


Sys Admin

Bash, AWS, Linux, Windows, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, so much more. And he makes your project better


Front End & Design

UI and UX, HTML/CSS, JS, a smattering of scripting and freaky calmness



Python, Django, Angular and a mother to animals and humans alike



React, Vue, Python, Ionic, Cypher and loves minimalism as a lifestyle



Angular, Python, Django, React, Ionic and the smoothest soccer ball juggling



React, python developer. Workout enthusiast.



Angular, Python/Django, Node, PHP, and has become a true force during our Halo breaks



Mongo, React, Node Developer. Kombucha specialist.



An expert in literature in art, as well as a fantastic programmer!



Python, Django, Angular, C++ and has a sail boat to soak in all of the California sunshine



Angular, Python, Ionic, new father and a former lawyer.



Angular, Python, Django and was a cat in her former life



Python/Django, JS developer. Cycling enthusiast. Raspberry Pi tinkerer.

Board Members



Adam Temple founded Bixly after identifying a need in the industry: High-quality development at a decent price.


Board Member

George was one of Bixly's original investors and has always helped us see the larger picture.



Nick has moved on to operate a startup launched out of Bixly, and is still an active board member.

Our Story

At 19 years old, I (Adam) started to work seriously with the family business. My dad was a local video guy in Fresno, California. I liked the work, but I didn't love it. I said I would work with him, but I always wanted to help people, not just have a job. My dad, being an 'ideas guy', said, "Let's work on one of your ideas."  In 2004 we began to sell the videos he had made for his church to other churches. He knew that if his church couldn't afford $3000 to make a short video, other churches around the world couldn't either. We came up with a dinky, little website to sell videos to churches all over the world. I built the website; he brought in the cash. During that time I learned how to program in PHP. I still have a place in my heart for it. A small place. It allowed me to control a computer! I was pretty good at it, and in 6 months time we had a place where any video producer could sell videos they had created for their church.

Within a couple years the site was bringing in millions of dollars. This was very strange for us. We quickly did everything wrong we possibly could. Despite our mistakes, the business kept growing! Better yet, we were helping a group of people we cared about. Some years later it was time for me to run my own business: Bixly.

After a year of sweat, prayer, pure effort, and luck, Bixly was growing. For 4 years we kept growing like wild. I hired on people to help in those early days. Nick came on when he was 18 years old. Cris, my brother in-law, was there shortly after. A long-standing team has made it what it is today. Yes, I lead it the whole time, but others were helping. Now we have a stable enterprise with a fancy client list. Bixly is successful because over the years we have honed in our skill at being a programming agency. Simple as that.

Many clients have built multi-million dollar companies with the talent we provide them, and I am happy to do it. You can be one of them also. The team we have in place now– well, they are immense. We are a team of professionals that care, that show up on time, that improve our skills. We are a little gem in the heart of California that loves tech. We are proud of the fancy websites and the secret projects for the US Government we've worked on, but we're also still humble and hungry to learn.

The team here began to be so strong they started surpassing me. It's taken me a long time of deep inner work to discover what I am really gifted at. Being CEO of Bixly wasn't it anymore. I am still here every day to work with clients and to be the in-house, founder-guru-visionary-weirdo guy. I play that role well. With Nick as CEO,  we are stronger than ever.

I hope that has given you a taste of our company. Now let's talk about your company.

- Adam Temple, Founder