Just a few of our happy clients


Bixly had the great opportunity in Q2 of 2018 to look inward and see what we as company were most passionate about. Out of that introspection and some killer ideas from a small group of people, Bixly was able to create Overflow. Mobile Drink Ordering was an huge need in bars everywhere, and we figured out how to fill that need. If you have a mobile app you're trying to get off the ground, please reach out to the Bixly team.


We are currently under NDA for the work completed, however, I can tell you it was completed on time and on budget. The Zenefits team has been great to work with, and Bixly has enjoyed not only completing this project, but contining to support the Zenefits team on future builds as well.

Undisclosed Technology Stack

Technology stack currently under non-disclosure.


Riding the biggest tech disruption of the decade, Quebe chain is all about the Blockchain space. They solution architects that build mission-critical compliance blockchains for regulated industries. Some of their efforts include blockchain interactive apps built by Bixly.


It was great working with Google for a programming gig. Of course everything is under wraps, so we can't really tell you much more. Python and Django were used however, and everyone had a fun time meeting some serious deadlines.


BeGreat! came to us with a rigorous deployment schedule and limited budget. We were able to plan, design, build, and deploy a product to market in less than three weeks. This was well within the expectations of the client, and a huge achievement. For project velocity we used Ionic with Angular 2+ and Python Django on the back end. This allowed us to target multiple platforms with a single specialized team, and pass along some savings to the client.


Perkville was designed so companies can create rewards programs for their users. These rewards programs allow customers to earn points for spending money, referring friends, or posting content to social media. Handling work on both the front and back end, we were able to flex our "full stack" muscles.

Organic Certifiers

As their name implies, Organic Certifiers works closely with farms allowing them to become organically certified. Along with the support, OC also handles the actual certification process. Bixly has maintained and enhanced their software for many years, allowing us to build a strong bond within the team.

Human VS. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag played on campuses and at conventions. The phenomenon began in 2005 and quickly grew in popularity, spreading worldwide much like a zombie virus. The website features the rules, organizing software, and some sweet swag.

Supply Buy

The FilterBuy site allows users to efficiently search for and buy air filters ranging from home to industrial grade spread across a vast array of brands and sizes. The site currently handles thousands of products, allowing you to find exactly what you need quickly


Similar to iTunes, Spotify or Amazon music, Sportsboard allows its users to track, analyze, and store their scouting information on either a native mobile app or web-based platform. Information is updated on either platform and then synced back and forth for ease of use. Bixly worked on both the web application and native iOS app, completing two versions of the product in total. Giving coaches and scouts a robust tool to assist in their daily needs was a great honor for our team and made for an exciting and cutting-edge product in the end.