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  • 20-40 hours per week
  • Free project management
  • Seamless team and tool integration
  • Weeky or daily project updates

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We are currently under NDA for the work completed, however, We can tell you it was completed on time and on budget. The Zenefits team has been great to work with, and Bixly has enjoyed not only completing this project, but contining to support the Zenefits team on future builds as well.

Undisclosed Technology Stack

Technology stack currently under non-disclosure.


With BeGreat! we created a mobile application which enables people to cultivate good habits and be more effective in their day-to-day life. The project came to us with a rigorous deployment schedule and limited budget. We were able to plan, design, build, and deploy this product to market in less than three weeks time. This was well within the expectations of the client, and a huge achievement for us.


Similar to iTunes, Spotify or Amazon music, Sportsboard allows its users to track, analyze, and store their scouting information on either a native mobile app or web-based platform. Information is updated on either platform and then synced back and forth for ease of use. Bixly worked on both the web application and native iOS app, completing two versions of the product in total. Giving coaches and scouts a robust tool to assist in their daily needs was a great honor for our team and made for an exciting and cutting-edge product in the end.


Perkville was designed so companies can create rewards programs for their users. These rewards programs allow customers to earn points for spending money, referring friends, or posting content to social media. Handling work on both the front and back end, we were able to flex our "full stack" muscles.

Human VS. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag played on campuses and at conventions. The phenomenon began in 2005 and quickly grew in popularity, spreading worldwide much like a zombie virus. The website features the rules, organizing software, and some sweet swag.

Supply Buy

The FilterBuy site allows users to efficiently search for and buy air filters ranging from home to industrial grade spread across a vast array of brands and sizes. The site currently handles thousands of products, allowing you to find exactly what you need quickly


It was great working with Google for a programming gig. Of course everything is under wraps, so we can't really tell you much more. Python and Django were used however, and everyone had a fun time meeting some serious deadlines.

Agreement Terms

Important items from our contract, summerized
  • You own your code!
  • An invoice will show up in your inbox every other week for the previous two weeks of work.
  • We reserve the right to hold your project due to late payment.
  • You can cancel your contract with us at any time– just give us a 5  day notice.
  • You provide us with the tasks and priorities, and our project manager will make sure they get done.
  • We do not work on pornographic or illegal content.
  • You get a dedicated team for set number of hours per week.
  • Our project manager will communicate with you based on the schedule you prefer: daily, weekly, never. It’s up to you!
  • Dev hours may not be dispersed equally throughout the week, though it is the goal.
  • Design, Frontend Development, and Systems Administration work is available upon request.
  • We are an independent contractor for your company. Unless otherwise agreed, we are not in a joint venture or partnership with your company.
  • If you don’t provide our team with enough new tasks, we will polish your code until it shines. Beyond that, you will be billed for idle time.
  • Our team is available during regular working hours and can be available for overtime as approved by you.
  • If our staff has a sick day or vacation time, we will alert you as soon as possible to coordinate any replacement staffing if you request it. We also send 2 week and 2 day reminders for any time off.
  • We take regular holidays, too. Ask us for a calendar, and if you want replacement staff for that time off, just let us know.
  • Billable time can include programming, designing, bug fixing, testing, troubleshooting, and team meetings.
  • Any information you give us about your project will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give us permission.
  • We reserve the right to hold onto any code you haven’t paid for, but once you do, it’s all yours.
  • We mutually agree not to solicit anyone from one another’s teams. We respect you too much!
  • Unless you prohibit it, we’d love to brag about your project!
  • If there’s a dispute, we will do our best to get it settled with you directly.
  • When your project is done, we will turn over access to all paid for code and repositories for your project.
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