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  • 2-3 Dedicated developers
  • 60-120 hours per week
  • Free project management
  • Seamless team and tool integration
  • Weeky or daily project updates

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Agreement Terms

Important items from our contract, summerized
  • You own your code!
  • An invoice will show up in your inbox every other week for the previous two weeks of work.
  • We reserve the right to hold your project due to late payment.
  • You can cancel your contract with us at any time– just give us a 5  day notice.
  • You provide us with the tasks and priorities, and our project manager will make sure they get done.
  • We do not work on pornographic or illegal content.
  • You get a dedicated team for set number of hours per week.
  • Our project manager will communicate with you based on the schedule you prefer: daily, weekly, never. It’s up to you!
  • Dev hours may not be dispersed equally throughout the week, though it is the goal.
  • Design, Frontend Development, and Systems Administration work is available upon request.
  • We are an independent contractor for your company. Unless otherwise agreed, we are not in a joint venture or partnership with your company.
  • If you don’t provide our team with enough new tasks, we will polish your code until it shines. Beyond that, you will be billed for idle time.
  • Our team is available during regular working hours and can be available for overtime as approved by you.
  • If our staff has a sick day or vacation time, we will alert you as soon as possible to coordinate any replacement staffing if you request it. We also send 2 week and 2 day reminders for any time off.
  • We take regular holidays, too. Ask us for a calendar, and if you want replacement staff for that time off, just let us know.
  • Billable time can include programming, designing, bug fixing, testing, troubleshooting, and team meetings.
  • Any information you give us about your project will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give us permission.
  • We reserve the right to hold onto any code you haven’t paid for, but once you do, it’s all yours.
  • We mutually agree not to solicit anyone from one another’s teams. We respect you too much!
  • Unless you prohibit it, we’d love to brag about your project!
  • If there’s a dispute, we will do our best to get it settled with you directly.
  • When your project is done, we will turn over access to all paid for code and repositories for your project.
Full service agreement